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FoamCAD Parts can directly be imported from DXF-files or entered into the parts editor, and subsequently be processed further. For this purpose there are functions like turning, mirroring, scaling, etc. available. The contour developed with the parts editor can be reproduced by means of the programme editor or blitz programming. Once the basic programme has been developed, it is possible to optimally adjust the number of parts to match the block size through the horizontal and vertical piece counter. Naturally, it is also feasible to arrange or nest diverse parts in one programme. This can be done with the programme editor or comfort programming. A special software module for pipe shells and segments is optionally available. This software module facilitates with only a few entries the creation of a complete cutting programme for a whole block or alternatively for individual pipe shells or segments. The FoamCAD software offers an easily handled alternative to the procedure of programming directly on the cutting machine and facilitates the creation of cutting programmes on an external office-PC. The subsequent transmission of the cutting programme to the cutting machine is feasible by means of USB-stick or via network connection, depending on the control system in use. There are various programme modules available for the development of parts and programmes like DXF-import, parts editor, programme editor, list editor etc. Home Machine types Cutting wires Applications Company Contact Legal disclaimer Location Programming