More than 40 years ago, company Guenter Eiselt has built the first Contour Cutting Machine used to cut structural parts from porous materials with our own developed cutting wire. The cutting wire runs in special wheels which are lined with elastomeric material and balanced electronically to reach a rotational speed of 300 km/h. Contrary to the “glowing wire“, our product is a cold-cutting system and cuts even those materials which are no thermoplastics, i.e. they are not meltable. Hence, it is possible to cut porous materials of soft or rigid properties in any two-dimensional shape and form, or plates. Such materials are for example soft and rigid foams on the basis of PU, EPS, PE, melamine, phenolic resins, upholstery materials, inorganic materials like mineral and glass wool or glass foam. Worldwide we have more than 1000 machines in operation. Company KONTUREX always in good shape with
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